rAADio Bonus Episode: Dank Lloyd Wright

As an extension of Episodes 006 and 007, “Resistance in Practice,” we speak with two admins of Dank Lloyd Wright (DLLW), one of the most well-known architecture pages of the digital realm. They have been relentlessly exposing issues of labor exploitation and unionization in architecture through a language that connects a multigenerational crowd: memes. We ask them why they think it is so difficult to unionize in architecture, their thoughts on the dichotomy between teaching and office work, and how they see DLLW’s role within the current climate of crisis and change.

Season 2 of rAADio is produced by Aahana Banker, Daniela Beraún, Rocio Crosetto Brizzio, León Duval, Dhruva Lakshminarayanan, Malavika Madhuraj and Hein Song.

This episode of rAADio was brought you by:
Max Lauter: Director and Creative Producer, Sound Design
Alex Hamadey: Sound Designer & Composer, Lead Audio Engineer
Anthony Sertel Dean: Recording Audio Engineer

Source by Columbia GSAPP

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