Quantum City

Special Mention
2007 Skyscraper Competition

Sebastien Chauvel

Quantum City
Quantum City

Thinking about the city in two dimensions means a horizontal spreading of the urban mass, an estrangement of the functions and a loss of social cohesion. The urban scattering creates a waste of energy, space, and resources. The compact urban planning in three dimensions, such as the skyscraper, offers a solution to these problems.

The theoretical ideal city is not one in three dimensions but rather the quantum city. The quantum state shows itself in the sub-atomic scale as the property of a particle to exist in an infinite number of states, everywhere and nowhere at the same time. The quantum city would be characterized by the plurality of its different and superimposed realities. It is the city of the possible integration of the principles of compactness and durability.

The project is located on Saya de Malha’s sandbank. For foundation it has a structural grid of nanotubes in geostationary balance. It allows structural and stiffening elements by a semiautomatic assembly platform. The secondary structure is an endo-skeleton that will allow the organization of islands and public areas. The main materials for construction are taken from the site, essentially sand and calcareous substratum.

The city is organized as an organism divided in sectors. The first one is the skeleton which houses the energy production and transportation systems. The second one is a skin that covers the entire city with housing, offices, shops and recreational areas. Every sector is an appendix, autonomous but in constant flux with the rest of the city.

The project swirls around a central space of 120 meters in diameter. A thermal chimney with wind turbines will provide energy to the entire city. Magnetic elevators will serve the city horizontally and vertically. Approximately 72 elevators for 250 people, will connect the entire city; secondary elevators will be located along the external skin.

The public space is a continuous band from the bottom to the top of the building, where life takes place, with access to offices, retail, and amenities. It is also the expression of the community, encouraging the urban culture and the creation of citizenship.

Quantum City
Quantum City Board 1
Quantum City
Quantum City Board 2

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