Vertical Ecology Redux

Special Mention
2009 Skyscraper Competition

Sylvie Milosevic

Vertical Ecology Redux
Vertical Ecology Redux

The skyscraper has paradoxically enjoyed a renaissance since the terrorist attacks of 9/11, which brought world attention to the tragedy while raising multiple questions about its future. The boom in the Middle East has focused purely on new aesthetics and a lavish display of economic wealth. In contrast, Vertical Ecology Redux is a project that brings a new level of per formative organization into the design equation; it is fully integrated into the urban fabric and existing infrastructure.

Vertical Ecology Redux is located on the waterfront of Hong Kong. The ground level is a continuous path that fuses the tower to the port and offers a series of cultural amenities. The tower emerges as three distinct geometries that merge into a structure with housing and commercial space. The façade is a hybrid structural system of pleats, seams, subdivisions, lacing, and cells.

Vertical Ecology Redux
Vertical Ecology Redux Board 1
Vertical Ecology Redux
Vertical Ecology Redux Board 2

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