Pro Portrait Photographer Jill Greenberg

Jill Greenberg is an internationally renowned artist and photographer whose work is instantly recognizable due to her personally executed postproduction and her mastery of studio lighting. Since the age of 10, jill has staged photographs and created characters using the mediums of drawing, painting, sculpture, film and photography.

Her background in illustration and painting is evident in her work, and her background in semiotics and art history is evident in the subject matter she explores. An early adopter of digital effects, Greenberg has developed a world that is more intense and visceral than the one in which we actually reside. Jill greenberg creates portraits that seize our attention and tug at our emotions.

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00:00 – Start
06:00 – How did Jill get to where she’s at
9:36 – Was there one moment where you knew
11:33 – How Jill got these perfect images
14:00 – The story of how Jill made these infamous images
23:00 – Jill’s 5 best tips to become a better portrait photographer*
– Don’t over direct them, it’s a matter of energy and trust
– Make sure light is as flattering as possible, bounced lighting is good
– Look for their best side/angle. Sometimes it can be head on
– It’s important to have a gesture, the way that they’re leaning, hands, movement. Gesture adds emotion
28:30 – how do you determine what’s a good angle for someone
– Stick chin out to cover double chin
31:00 – How to direct someone that’s not a professional model or actress*
35:00 – Is Jill constantly clicking the shutter or is she more conservative with her shots?
44:00 – How to get photography work
53:00 – The different lighting setups from someone who’s older and someone who’s younger
1:04:00 – How does Jill feel about iPhone photography getting paid $10k
1:07:00 – Why aren’t photographers adapting to the new age of technology and people that should be dominating
1:11:00 – Jill’s favorite camera and lens
1:12:00 – Jill describes the backstory of this bear portrait
1:18:00 – Jill what do whatever it takes to get the shot
1:22:00 – What does Jill mean by keeping your eyes open?
1:28:00 – Jill’s 5 speed question round

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