Placecheck, the Placecheck App and so much more.

The urbanist, writer and editor Rob Cowan describes the process and merit of conducting a Placecheck.
Placecheck is the simplest way of finding out what a place and its people can tell us, and starting the process of making change happen.
A Placecheck can be carried out for a street, a park, a neighbourhood, a town centre or any other place.
Placechecks have been carried out in the early stages of neighbourhood planning and a wide range of local initiatives.
You can use the Placecheck web on your a smart phone, tablet or computer, walking about the area or at home. This builds up a set of markers on an online map, and a downloadable online resource of information and opinion on the place, its strengths and weakness, and what needs to be done.
Copyright: Rob Cowan


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