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Breaking silos to deliver sustainable developments.

Jonathan Smales  Human Nature (Places), Executive Chairman source

A user-centric approach to parking and movement.

Daniel Quan is Associate. Future Mobility and Transport Planning with WSP. source

The commercial hurdles in making car free development a reality.

Matt Sampson is Development Director at U+I source

A Sustainable Travel Strategy. Ebbsfleet Garden City.

Balancing Mobility. Tools and approaches to designing modal-shift into Ebbsfleet. Simon Harrison is Head of Design at Ebbsfleet Development Corporation. source

Why are cars frequently provided with more space than our homes?

Why we need to talk about parking. Many recent housing developments are arguably blighted by poorly considered vehicle access and parking space, requiring large areas...

Language and Urban Design: What’s in a word?

An Urban Design Group Lecture Rob Cowan is author of The Dictionary of Urbanism, Urban Design Guidance, Placecheck, The Connected City, The Cities Design...

Working from home: Designing cities for the ‘workhome’ with Frances Holliss on ideasSPACE.

Working from or at home certainly moved up the agenda in 2020 and from what we can see it isn’t going back in its box...

The design of our homes and neighbourhoods and our experience of the COVID-19 lockdown.

Home Comforts. How the design of our homes and neighbourhoods effected our experience of the Covid-19 lockdown and what we can learn for the...

COVID-19: Living in Cohousing. Shared Spaces, Shared Lives. An Urban Design Group presentation.

Frances Wright, Head of Community Partnering at TOWN describes in detail the impact of the COVID-19 lockdown and the lifestyle changes at the Marmalade...