Photoshop Masterclass: Composition

Layout and composition can make or break a design. In this session, join Evangelist Paul Trani as he shares the fundamentals of design and will show how to lead the eye through a composition. Learn how to ground a design, how to establish “reads” and how to use negative space effectively. Learn how to create a pleasing composition for social media using layer masks, adjustment layers to add light, and Smart Objects to keep it all non destructive. These simple tips will make a world of difference.

Paul Trani is a Principal Worldwide Evangelist for Adobe where he inspires designers everywhere to use their creativity and new technology to create compelling visuals. With over 20 years of experience across 40 countries Paul has become a sought after designer, speaker and presenter on all things design and creative related.


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00:00 Start
02:13 Starting the collaged composition
7:00 Building out your image library – bringing in images
12:17 Using blend modes to adjust background and match w/ foreground
17:50 Removing a subject from its background – refining edges
22:37 Working with gradients and framing subjects
32:01 Working with shapes and designs within the composite
37:09 Using the PS shapes library or Illustrator to create custom graphics
41:15 Discussing color and shape as a guide to the composition’s focal point
47:01 Mocking up a halo for the planets – using smart objects
54:03 Creating a light ring for the planet halo


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