Performance Space, curated by NICHE

This panel introduces three artists who work on the intersection between architecture and performance. Panellists will exchange their views on the relation between space and art.

Moderator: Christina Landbrecht is an art historian. As a Caroline von Humboldt stipend, she is currently completing her dissertation titled “Potential and Problem of Artistic Research”. She also works as a freelance art critic for art magazines and national radio stations. In 2015, she founded the French-German network L’espace feminin to foster the exchange between women working in fields such as art history, cultural studies, sociology, architecture and city planning.

Jean-Pascal Flavien
researches the impact of architecture on the realm of experience by constructing unusual but usable spaces, such as the folding house (2016) at Nouveau Musée National de Monaco.
Mårten Spångberg
employs dance as a tool to organize time and space and his pieces tour internationally. In addition, the choreographer co-initiated International Festival, an interdisciplinary practice merging architecture and performance.

Isabel Lewis
stages so-called »Occasions« in institutions such as Palais de Tokyo or Kunshalle Basel that resemble social gatherings while the immersive environments recruit every sensory perception of the audience.

Source by World Architecture Festival

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