Office Hours – Fall Curriculum with Andrew Hochradel & Nick Longo – Episode 11

Join designers Nick Longo and Andrew Hochradel on Adobe Live for Office Hours! This week’s stream is all about dealing with nightmare clients. Tune in with Nick & Andrew as they help you navigate working with difficult clients.

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Andrew Hochradel is a freelance brand identity designer based in Southern California:

Nick Longo is the Creative Director behind Longo Designs, a branding agency specializing in product launches, corporate identity, and more:
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00:00 start
3:50 Warning Signs of a Nightmare Client
8:20 Client Doesn’t Like Talking About Money
11:20 Client is Rude of Evasive
12:15 What to Do When a Client Refuses to Pay
16:00 Decisions Will Be Made By CEO But You Are Told You’ll Never Meet Him
19:40 Being a Part of the “Family” or a “Team Player”
21:56 The Client Starts to be Steve Jobs. “One More Thing…”
23:50 Hostage Situations. “We Will Do X When You Do Y”
30:05 “You and Us” Talk, Instead of “We” Talk
32:27 Make Sure the Contract is Watertight
34:36 Go Back to the Brief to Avoid Potential Conflict
36:29 Discuss Changes Live, to Avoid Conflicting Feedback
39:35 Stay Calm – Even If Your Client Does Not!
41:45 If You’re Spending More Time Managing the Situation Than Doing the Work, Drop the Project
42:27 Use Your Ammo “This is Outside of the Scope, So Additional Charges May Apply”
42:58 Remind Them of the Goals
42:48 Change Your Contract!
45:00 Make Clearer Job Estimates
46:00 Charging Additional Fee if they Don’t Let You Stream the Work
48:30 Stand Up For Yourself!
50:50 Be Clear. Respect Yourself. Stand Up! Know When to Leave



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