NY College Students Ask For Portfolio Advice

How do I create work that I’m passionate about and enjoy doing? How to make portfolio worthy work? What were some of your biggest mistakes and what did you learn from them? How can I complete projects that I start while preserving the main idea?

Students from State University NY Oswego visited The Futur office in Santa Monica to get their questions answered and to tour the studio.

SUNY Oswego

Books mentioned
It’s Not How Good You Are, It’s How Good You Want To Be –

00:00 – Trying to build a portfolio that Jacob is happy about. Not sure what to do. Too many options.
10:00 – Can I dedicate the time?
18:00 – When do you learn the most?
26:00 – Constraints help creativity
28:00 – What are the 5 things that Jacob needs to do to achieve his goal?*
35:00 – What’s the biggest mistake Chris has made. How do you learn from your mistakes?
43:00 – Making a mistake almost cost a student his career
51:00 – What if we made without judgement? Whoever fails more wins*
55:00 – Mistakes means I’ve learned something new
1:01:00 – The biggest lesson Chris had to make
1:04:00 – Why you should make sure you have the right team
1:10:00 – How do you set limitations when making art? Minimum viable product
1:17:00 – How do you stop being your worst critique?*
1:24:00 – How do you stay confident in something?*
1:37:00 – How does Chris choose who to work with?

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