Multi-platform Photo Editing in Adobe Lightroom with Lisa Carney – 1 of 2 | Creative Cloud

Join photographer Lisa Carney on Adobe Live as she shares how to work on mobile and desktop in Adobe Lightroom. In part 1 – she’ll show you how to edit a variety of photos and export them for social media across the platforms. Stick around for part 2 where she’ll show you the new Lightroom features, including editing video in the app, and how to create reels for your social media channels.

Guest Lisa Carney is a photographer and photo retoucher based in LA:

Host Kladi is a Visual Strategist at Studio Printmysoul based in Manchester, England:

Join us LIVE on Behance:

00:00 Start
2:35 Intro to Lisa’s work
9:05 Lightroom Classic vs Photoshop vs Lightroom
14:45 Processing and Editing on mobile
21:20 Lisa’s phone specs
21:50 How Lisa finds inspiration
25:00 Mobile external lenses
26:30 Shooting for storytelling
31:45 Lightroom Mobile camera options
36:48 How to take a picture with Lightroom Mobile
37:34 What does “Non-Destructive” mean?
43:18 Batch processing
48:23 Super resolution
51:10 Lightroom editing modules
55:05 Lightroom presets
1:02:55 Discussing creative block
1:06:25 All about Masking
1:08:05 Masking with Select Subject
1:22:35 Working with unexpected tools
1:26:15 Adding a custom watermark
1:32:45 More on inspiration
1:44:50 Editing on Lightroom Mobile
1:52:10 Recap

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Multi-platform Photo Editing in Adobe Lightroom with Lisa Carney – 1 of 2 | Creative Cloud


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