Special Mention
2008 Skyscraper Competition

Maria Pasavento, Fabio Ferrian, Lara Rizzardini


MILone is the result of a research begun during the Integrated Design Workshop of Prof. Montuori at IUAV (University Institute of Architecture in Venice).

It is conceived as an outside-in city, located in the near periphery of Milan, and called to be an attraction point of the area, where green, stone paths, wooden relaxation areas and water basins are projected to foster a symbiotic relationship between the natural and the artificial environments.

MILone is to allude to Pirellone, the famous Gio Ponti’s tower, symbol of Milan, in the year of the 80th anniversary of the foundation of Domus, by G. P. himself.

MILone is thought to be a “Fuori Salone” area of the Milan’s Expos, where art exhibitions, design expos and collateral events could take place. The final conviction is that the building’s substance should have environmental qualities that create a state of well-being, making use of tools of architecture that translate into space, materials, and colors.

Milone Board 1
Milone Board 2

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