Bi-National Community Skyscraper

Honorable Mention
2019 Skyscraper Competition

Charles Tzu Wei Chiang, Alejandro Moreno Guerrero

Bi-National Community Skyscraper
Bi-National Community Skyscraper

Although with the recent American governments intents to enhance the construction of border between Mexico and U.S. to reinforce control. There are many stories regarding how such border separate family members who hold different citizenship, or work and live on different side of border. This proposal aims to transform perception of political border from boundary of separation to gathering for connection.

Friendship Park located next to border between San Diego and Tijuana, as one of the location where many separated families will meet from both side of border. In 1900s, there is no well defined border but only patrols to control for access. Many travel back and forth to meet their family during weekend. Later, metal fence was constructed to establish the border. In 1990s, additional metal mesh had been applied to prevent physical contact for illegal activities. Despite seeing each other through metal mesh almost like seeing prisoners in jail, families still willing to travel far to reunite on border.

This proposal suggests an “In-between zone” above border fence, which based on temporary scaffolding structure and can be expended or reduced in size according to the needs. With respect to legal regulation and political situation, such zone can be accessed with control of shafts of staircase and allows families not only to meet up but huge and touch each other to share their moment together. As it serves as the platform for opportunities of interaction and communication, it enhances interpersonal relationship and encourages community like gathering space with bi-national identity.

As nationality or working and living status should not be the reason for restriction of family reunite, this proposal intents to help for the situation for separation of many families, as well as to provide more humanize gathering space to meet on border. Instead of construct obstacle structure like wall to reinforce control, situation might be altered if better architectural system can be provided and better control method can be employed. A better outcome such as bi-national community can be expected and encouraged to form.

Bi-National Community Skyscraper
Bi-National Community Skyscraper Board 1
Bi-National Community Skyscraper
Bi-National Community Skyscraper Board 2

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