Make INCREDIBLE Edits FAST with My ULTIMATE Presets!

The Most Comprehensive & Customizable Preset Library for Photoshop, Lightroom, and Premiere Pro:
In this video, we will learn how to instantly make your photos look incredible with Preset Power! We’ll explore several easy techniques for personalizing the presets to bring the best out of your image.

00:00 The Biggest Challenge in Editing a Photo!
01:55 The Research Behind Preset Power
02:38 First Look: Personalize Your Presets
03:52 What Does Preset Power Contain?
04:20 Color Grading a Wedding Video with Preset Power (LUTs)
07:17 Dramatic B&W Preset Customization
08:48 Create Your Own Presets with Preset Power!
10:42 Your Photo Can Have Multiple Styles!
12:10 How to Mix & Match Presets
15:25 Compositing & Photo Manipulation
18:15 Don’t Miss “Direction” in Photo Editing


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