Design Theory: How To Make Dynamic Compositions

How to make your motion design frames more dimensional. Create dynamic compositions with this one trick. One tip to make your designs more impactful. One simple tip for how to make your designs, photos, and illustrations better.

Blind creative director, Matthew Encina, joins Chris Do in this quick tutorial/lesson on creating more dynamic compositions.

To keep things simple and clearly illustrate what I mean, I’ve put together a few greyscale examples that show how adding contrast to your frames can drastically improve your compositions and effectiveness of your storytelling.

If you ever find yourself stuck with a boring composition, push the contrast in the value, weight, size, and color of your subjects. Start drastically, then pull it back. One formula I like to use often is:

1 really BIG object — usually the subject, and most important element in the frame.

1–2 medium sized objects — secondary elements to give meaning to the main object.

Tons of very tiny objects — tertiary elements to give movement and additional context for the frame.

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