Logo Design for a Fresh, New Beauty Brand with Ben Wagner – 1 of 2

Join designer and art director Ben Wagner on Adobe Live as he designs for a fresh, new beauty brand using Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop. This week he’ll share his full brand identity and logo design process with us. Follow along as he transforms sketches into digital logos then expands on his ideas with mockups.

Guest Ben Wagner is a Designer and Art Director based in Brooklyn, NY: https://www.benfwagner.com/

Host Elle Mitchell is an Art Director based in the San Francisco Bay Area: https://www.behance.net/weekend-creative

Join us on Behance: https://www.behance.net/live

00:00 Start
03:10 Ben shares his experience and work
05:30 Reviewing the logo design brief
09:21 Starting with type for logo design
17:35 Deciding on a word mark or symbol for the logo
22:02 Exploring the sketches and building the basic shapes
25:20 How to talk a client out of a bad idea
36:35 Opinions on online logo shops.
46:02 How and where to get clients
52:30 How to add effects to logos
1:01:05 Ben’s school experience
1:07:55 Using wordmarks and glyphs in systems
1:15:35 Exploring more logo ideas using letter forms
1:21:17 How to improve your logo designs
1:26:35 Giving the client options and using
1:31:30 Reviewing the AI daily creative challenge
1:38:02 Selecting images that might go with the company branding
1:44:30 Personal interests
1:47:09 Recap of the logo design work for day 1
1:49:35 How to stay on top of design trends


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