Live UX Design with Matt D. Smith 2/3

Join design director Matt D. Smith as he teaches us a new approach to human-centered design! Today, Matt continues working on the Utopia app by developing the user experience for Utopian litter boxing! What is litter boxing you ask? Well, Utopia is the #1 destination to box formidable kitty robot opponents! Tune in to find out how Matt uses gamification and process ideation to develop a valuable user experience!

Matt is the owner and design director at Studio MDs and creator of AIUX! AIUX is his approach to rapidly performing UX design in Adobe Illustrator CC.


►Check out his work:
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Matt’s Background and Experience: 7:30
Matt’s UX case studies: 17:00
How to use Adobe Bridge CC: 25:30
How to use Behance wireframe kits: 52:45
How to export in Adobe XD: 1:10:40
How to use layout grids in Adobe XD: 1:20:30

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