Live UI/UX Design with Jackie Ho – 3 of 3

Join full stack UI/UX designer Jackie Ho as she creates a functional prototype for her Wushu competition organization & scoring app called “Kipup!” Today, Jackie conducts a user testing interview via remote connection with Tim Wang, a Wushu competitor. Guided by her script, Jackie guides Tim through her experience and gains feedback along the way. Stay tuned to learn how to conduct user testing and apply the feedback to your user experience workflow!

Jackie is a full stack UI/UX designer from New York! She currently works at Pivotal Labs where she focuses on software that transforms slow-moving organizations into user-centered ones!


►Check out Jackie’s user testing script:
►Check out her work:
►App prototype:
►Check Adobe XD:
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Updates and recap of day two: 2:45
Live preview mode on Android: 8:29
User testing interview with Tim Wang: 18:30
User testing wrap-up: 55:41
Tips for conducting interviews: 1:02:30
How to get an embed code for XD prototypes: 1:11:50
How to apply user testing notes: 1:13:46

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