Live Inclusive Design with Kevin Lee – 2 of 3

Join UI/UX Designer Kevin Lee on Adobe Live as he designs & prototypes an app called “Come Out” in Adobe XD. Come Out is an app that supports the LGBTQ community, functioning as a common area for those who have recently come out and are seeking support. Today, Kevin creates high fidelity designs for the open forum and friend finder features.

Kevin is a UI/UX Designer from Chicago pursuing his career in Southern California.


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Recap: 1:30
Work begins: 3:20
Designing a chat screen: 33:20
Advice for critiquing work: 40:45
How to add an overlay: 46:35
How to use custom timed transitions: 48:10
How to use timed transitions: 1:06:30
How to use responsive resize: 1:38:50

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Music by Chillhop & Andrew Applepie


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