Live With Becki And Chris!

    Today on the show we have YouTube creators Becki and Chris, a married couple living in Buffalo, NY. They make content focusing on growing the photography and video community through tutorials as well as creating weekly vlogs about flying helicopters, home decor, and travel.

    Check them out!

    03:39 – How do they handle their roles as a married couple
    09:00 – How Becki switched from doing client work to doing youtube full time
    24:00 – How did they keep the persistence to do they.
    31:00 – What does success look like for Becki and Chris
    35:00 – How do you feel more comfortable at vlogging
    43:00 – How do Becki and Chris make a living doing youtube full time
    50:00 – What would Chris do if Becki’s business made more than Chris’ job
    56:00 – What’s Chris’ price to quit radiology
    1:09:00 What happened the Becki and Chris podcast?
    1:13:00 – How did Becki and Chris meet

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