Live Illustration with Jax Jocson – 1 of 3

Join art director and concept artist Jax Jocson on Adobe Live as she
uses Adobe Capture to create brushes and imports them into Photoshop Sketch to create her iconic character illustrations! Today Jax creates custom brushes from traditional swatches and dives into a fantasy creature concept illustration!

Jax is an Art Director & Senior Concept Artist specializing in design and storytelling. She has worked in film, game, VR/AR, television, advertising, and IP creation for the past decade with clients such as Stan Lee’s POW! Entertainment, SyFy Channel, Digital Domain, and Psyop. She also teaches & builds courses for the BFA & MFA programs in the School of Game Development at the Academy of Art University San Francisco. Some of her courses include Monsters vs Mechs, Character Design, and Digital Painting.


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Work begins/recap of prepared work: 3:52
Jax explains her process procedure: 5:00
Brush tip settings: 5:59
From traditional strokes to digital brushes:: 11:45
Accessing new brushes/libraries: 17:27
Using Jax’s scale brush: 29:55
Photoshop Sketch Color Picker: 37:25
Recap: 1:52:12

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Music by Chillhop & Andrew Applepie



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