Live Editorial Design with Marçal Prats 3 of 3

Join graphic designer and art director Marçal Prats as he teaches us how to create beautifully designed reports in InDesign! Today, Marçal creates graphs and infographics in InDesign! From graphics to layouts he will demonstrate how to make an annual report fun and engaging! Stick around to learn how to transform data and graphs into beautifully designed reports!

Marçal is a graphic designer and art director currently functional as a senior fellow at GovLoop. His past clients include: Oracle, Coca-Cola, Mercedes-Benz, MotoGP & SanDisk.


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Recap of the week: 1:30
Work starts: 5:45
Illustrator tools to create graphics: 15:30
Designing graphs in InDesign: 18:00
Overview of work completed: 1:48:00

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