Live UX Design with Jessica Moon – 3 of 3

Join experience designer, teacher, writer and speaker Jessica Moon as she develops a fictional conference app in Adobe XD! Today, finishes the prototype for the Designer to Designer conference by adding a scheduling, social and meet-up function! By the end of the day we will preview the finished prototype on an android mobile Device using the XD app! Stay tuned to learn how Jessica builds flawless user experiences in Adobe XD!

Jessica Moon is the Design Manager at ServiceNow, previously the Senior Director of Experience Design at Telepathy! Her true passion lies in design, leading creative teams by day and sharing design tips by night!


►Check out her work:
►Check out the prototype:
►Check Adobe XD:
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Recap: 2:45
How to customize mockups: 6:03
Tips for manipulating rectangles in XD: 9:30
Importing screens from XD: 21:30
How to show and use grids in XD: 51:50
Testing on a mobile device: 1:16:00
Recap and overview of the app: 1:22:39

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