Live Designing in Photoshop with Temi Coker – 1 of 3

Join Graphic Designer Temi Coker on Adobe Live as he designs abstract posters in Photoshop CC. Today, Temi designs a poster using beta fish and images from Adobe Stock. Stick around for photo compositing pro tips!

Temi is a Photographer, Graphic Designer & Educator living in Texas. As a 2018 Adobe Creative Resident, he is exploring artistic techniques and creating an online hub for creatives to learn & grow.


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How to select a person: 11:00
How to use dodge & burn: 26:05
How to change an object’s color: 34:50
How to use clipping masks: 37:40
How to use mixer brush: 40:30
How to brighten up a face: 47:30
How to use puppet warp: 50:25

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Music by Chillhop & Andrew Applepie



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