Creating 3D Posters w/DeepShape

We have Nertil of DeepShape on the show! He’s going to design a poster in real time and talk about his process of going through the modeling stage, scene setup, colors/materials, and much more!

Nertil Muhaxhiri is a creative director at DEEPYELLOW, a creative design agency, currently living and working in Kosovo. Through their diverse series of 3D Posters they created global recognition and the establishment of DEEPYELLOW as a trend setter, with over 40,000 followers on instagram (@deep_shape) and features in prestigious design magazines such as Designmilk, FUBIZ Media, Instagramer Graphics, and many more.

FREE Mockups:
They have mockups with +100K Downloads and around 2M total downloads.

Software he uses: Autodesk 3DS Max
Plugin: Vray Light
Blender (cheaper option)
Helvetica (Documentary)
C4D Lite (included with Adobe CC)
Typeface used: GT Walsheim Pro

3:40 – How Nertil got started doing his art
5:20 – The BIGGEST project for Deep Shape
9:11 – Live demo of how Nertil makes his Deep Shape designs
28:00 – We get back on track. Sorry for the audio issues.
45:00 – Do people take you seriously as a graphic designer coming from an architectural background
51:00 – Nertil trying a different angle
1:08:00 – What tools does Nertil recommend? (The tool doesn’t make the artist)*

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