Learning From Your Mistakes

Jose and Chris talk about the mistakes they have made over the years. From not prospecting for design clients during fat times to starting an agency without working for someone else.
They also discuss how to overcome their mistakes.

Have you made a mistake? Leave them in our comments!


0:53 Mistake: In times of prosperity not looking for new work.
4:04 Mistake: Starting a business without having real experience
5:27 Mistake: Jumping into business proposals without knowing how to provide value
7:16 Mistake: Not managing the company culture
12:01 You have to be willing to hire/fire based on company culture
13:24 Mistake: Not being visible to potential clients
14:27 Mistake: Spending too much energy and resources on outward growth instead of inward growth
15:30 Mistake: Not understanding your true value: underbidding on projects and not saying no when needed
15:58 Create an in house sales team focused on building relationships and lead generation
18:10 Mistake: Depending on external sales reps for all of your sales
21:23 You need to learn how to sell your products and services well
23:01 Sell people the total experience and not simply the product/service
23:45 Mistake: Not listening to your clients and asking the important questions
28:50 A designer is someone who invents solutions for a problem
33:15 Mistake: Trying to convince clients of your own ideas and not listening

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