Designing a Complete Brand Identity with Sydney Michuda – 2 of 2

Join Designer and Illustrator Sydney Michuda on Adobe Live as she creates a comprehensive brand identity using Illustrator and Photoshop. This week, Sydney will leverage custom color palettes and layouts to design branded elements and logos. Stick around to learn how she applies these elements to mock ups!

Guest Sydney Michuda is a designer, letterer, and illustrator based in Milwaukee, WI:

Host Alex Lazaris is the Creative Director of Lazaris, an independent brand studio based in Portland:

Join us on Behance:

00:00 Start
04:00 choosing color palettes
19:30 great entertainment while working
24:50 tips on organizing your workspace
28:50 how to present design choices to clients
41:00 Sydney’s texture/icons
53:30 Interacting with your client
55:00 Sydney’s favorite designers
01:01:30 Sysdey’s education/work background
01:07:50 Advice for students


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