Intro to Interface | The Library Module | Renaming Photos – Lightroom Tutorials For Beginners #2

The nitty-gritty of Lightroom Interface in the Library module and customizing it according to your needs. In this video, we’ll get up and running with Lightroom and will help you getting used to the interface learn how to interact with it. Customizing the interface not only makes your easier and convenient but also it fastens up the workflow.

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We’ll learn how to customize the thumbnails, how to make them bigger or smaller, view the images the way that you want, zoom in and zoom out accordingly, get used to working with and without panels, how to stop them from appearing automatically and much more. The Filmstrip in Lightroom is one of the most important panels to cycle through images while you are in loupe view or zoomed in tight. We’ll learn how to use that. It’s not always the big stuff, it’s the little things that push your productivity.

One of the most common problems that people often bump into is that the panels automatically show up sometimes and thus distracts the user from editing the image locally or editing a particular area. Even, taking the mouse to the edge activates the panels even when you don’t want them. It Auto shows and hides and even when you require them, it’s not there. I have a very simple solution to solve that.
We’ll go through and optimize your interface to make your lightroom experience efficient and rapid fast.

Also, we’ll look at some of the most useful and the most common lightroom shortcut keys that you will use time and again. Didn’t you always wanted a shortcut that only showed your image and hide all the panels?

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