Live UI/UX Design with Zachery Nielson – 1 of 3

Join UI/UX Designer & Entrepreneur Zachery Nielson on Adobe Live as he designs and prototypes three unique experiences in Adobe XD! Today, Zachery designs a desktop website for a fictional law firm called “SoSueMe.”

Zachery Nielson is an American designer and entrepreneur born and raised in the Rocky Mountains. He is currently living in the Salt Lake City area working as a freelance interface designer and WordPress developer. Previously Zac founded Shelby Company, a design agency in downtown Salt Lake City where he was Creative Director for almost six years.


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Intro of Zach: 3:20
Work Begins: 5:30
XD Preset layouts: 8:17
How to use Adobe Color: 23:10
Paste to multiple artboards: 26:30
Tricks to make text look crisp: 32:08
How to use Image Mask: 1:07:20
Prototype Mode: 1:29:24

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Music by Chillhop & Andrew Applepie


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