Intro to 3D Design with Jasmyn Johnson – 1 of 2

Join digital artist Jasmyn Johnson aka Jaz Da Artist on Adobe Live as she shares how to create 3D designs from start to finish. In this two-part series, she’ll design a custom 3D composition each day using Adobe Substance Stager and Sampler. Follow along with Jaz as she uses free 3D models from Adobe Stock and Stager’s built-in models to bring her designs to life!

Guest Jasmyn S. Johnson is a Digital Artist based in Atlanta, GA:

Host Daniel Flores (DTM, DaCreativeGenius) is a multidisciplinary artist based in Atlanta, GA:

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Join us LIVE on Behance:
00:00 Start
2:20 Intro to Jaz’s work
6:30 Browsing Adobe Stock Free
10:53 Great features in Stager
13:20 Working with a stager model
17:17 How to make your own Substance models
23:50 Adding a plane
34:20 Adding abstract shapes
42:58 How to duplicate an object
45:18 Jaz’s computer specs
47:05 Browsing Stager’s materials
52:52 Adding different lighting
58:20 Looking at different materials
1:04:00 How to eyedrop a material
1:14:20 How to camera undo
1:37:20 Using the render tab
1:44:00 Experimenting with color in Photoshop


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