Live UI/UX Design with Travis Neilson 2/3

Join designer, thinking YouTuber, Podcaster and writer Travis Neilson as creates a mock app ‘Instagram for podcasts’ in Adobe XD. By the end of this segment he will finish several high fidelity art boards and demonstrate a live preview of the Instacast prototype! We will begin by sketching and researching the user workflow and end with wireframing. Stay tuned for part two of Travis’ 3 day UX crash course! Expect to learn UI/UX tips & tricks covering topics such as alignment, sizing and design.

Travis concocts digital interfaces at Google by day and dawns his caps as an educator via video, audio & print at night!


►Check out his work:
►Check out Adobe XD:
►Click HERE for part 3:

Overview: 4:30
Work begins: 11:45
How to mask assets to shape in XD: 28:00
Several shortcuts, tips and tricks: 1:40:00
Instacast prototype preview: 1:45:10

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