Illustration Masterclass – The Summer 2022 Brush Pack! | Adobe Creative Cloud

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Join Kyle T. Webster for an in-depth look at the Summer 2022 brush update for Photoshop and Adobe Fresco. In addition to showing off the brush strokes, Kyle will create some artwork with these new tools.

To watch with Subtitles/closed captions, click the CC icon in the lower-right corner.
00:00 Start
02:25 Summer 2022 brushes
03:15 Rich Oil 22 and Rich Oil 22 B brushes
05:46 Leaf Dotter brushes – leaf variations
10:21 Chipped Paint brush – creating tree bark
14:03 Azteque Pattern brush – adding stylistic interest
16:15 Adding the tree branch w/ shadows
18:24 Chipped Paint 2 brush
20:14 Mystic brush
22:12 Summer Wash brushes
23:17 Bloomin brush
25:55 Adjusting the tree – making it slightly darker
26:38 Griddy brushes – grid brushes
28:00 Soft Spat brushes
30:56 Smart Smudge brush
32:44 Tracker Ink brush
33:20 Verty brush
34:50 Concept Carver brush
36:57 Hallowed brush
39:38 Marbled brush
40:38 Fossil brush
42:16 Drawing in the figure with the Tracker Ink brush
47:33 Using the Concept Carver brush to paint the figure
49:19 Underapainting, Busy Brush, and Soft Canvas brushes
50:26 Diggipaint 101 and Inksoak brush – drawing tool
51:15 Paisley brush
52:21 Softair brush

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Illustration Masterclass – The Summer 2022 Brush Pack! | Adobe Creative Cloud


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