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Learn how to use a wireframe designed for Adobe XD, and the Repeat Grid, to speed up your web and app prototype designs.

Download the wireframes:
1. Click the Wireframes link in the UI Kits section of the Adobe XD Welcome screen. Or, download them here (
2. Click the Download kits link from the Behance profile page.
3. Unzip the file and open the appropriate .xd file in Adobe XD.

Create a prototype:
1. Select the Zoom tool and drag across the correct artboards to view them in more detail.
2. Choose the Select tool, then click and drag to select the elements on the artboard you want, choose Edit – Copy, then File – New, choose the correct artboard size to create a new XD document, then Edit – Paste to paste the elements on to the new artboard.

Tip: You can also click an artboard title to select its contents. Then, copy and past to a new file.

3. Shift+click to select elements you do not want, right-click and choose Delete.

Tip: Depending on how the artboards are created, you may need to open the Layers panel (View – Layers), right-click a layer group, then select Ungroup to ungroup and properly select individual elements.

4. Drag remaining elements to rearrange as necessary.
5. Double-click a shape, such as a rectangle, to access individual, editable points. Drag individual points on a path to redefine the shape.
6. Create reusable character styles: Select a text element, style using the settings in the Text and Appearance sections of the Properties Inspector. Click the + icon next to Character Styles in the Assets panel (View – Assets) and reuse the style throughout your designs.
7. Create reusable symbols: Create a shape or design element (group elements if necessary). Click the + icon next to Symbols in the assets panel and reuse the symbol throughout your designs.
8. Create 2 more artboards: Select the Artboard tool. Click the appropriate artboard size. Do this twice.
9. Use the Select tool to drag and select the elements on the first artboard, click Repeat Grid, then drag the green handle on the right to repeat the artboard elements across the artboards. Place your cursor between the artboards and drag the pink guides until the margin is equal to the distance between artboards.
10. Drag 3 images from Finder or Explorer to fill the shapes.
11. Drag a text file with 3 lines for the headers to replace the placeholder text.
12. Deslect, then reselect, the Repeat Grid. Click Ungroup Grid to reveal the hidden content on the additional artboards.

Create a prototype:
1. Click the Prototype tab at the top.
2. Drag a wire from one artboard to the next.
3. Click the Play button at the top to use Desktop Preview to test the flow.

That’s it. To learn more, visit our Adobe XD tutorials page (



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