How To Use Type — Typography Posters Critique Pt. 2

How do you improve type layouts? What should you look for? How close is “too close” and how far is “too far”, along with everything in-between? This is Part 2 of Chris’ in-depth critique of The Futur’s Typography Posters with Emily Xie.

This is the Futur of Education— Disrupting the design education paradigm.

00:18 Poster Critique #10 “How do you stay motivated and inspired”
00:29 Use similar point size or colors to tie together connected elements.
01:53 Poster Critique #11 “How I Became a Graphic Designer”
02:48 Pay attention to the leading and negative space that you create.
03:33 Poster Critique #12 “Money Talk: Pricing Design”
05:30 By decreasing the leading the elements reads as a package unit
07:43 Poster Critique #13 “101 Things I Learned In Business School”
10:26 When introducing a new point size, make it at least twice as large or 1/2 the size of the original for more contrast.
11:33 Poster Critique #14 “How to be: a happier designer”
13:13 Poster Critique #15 “Designer’s Dilemma: Integrity vs. Profitability”
15:18 Use a simple grid to add mouse-type and detail
17:48 It’s good to learn the keyboard shortcuts so that you can work efficiently/faster.
18:54 Tip: think of digital media as physical media, to explore new ideas.
21:09 Summary & Outro

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