How To Price Projects (Hourly, Project, Value Based): Panel Discussion

How to bid, price, estimate creative work? How do you charge clients? Do you it based on hours worked, project fee, or value based pricing? Ashok Kumar, Tony Gallardo, and Benton Woodring joined Ben Burns and Chris Do to discuss how they are charging clients and address some of their challenges.

3:13 Webinar starts

23:10 Tony asks the question “What’s your budget range?”, he’s practicing the discipline of saying the price before showing the price. Chris analyzes Tony’s approach with some advice. Role-play.

25:30 Chris digs deeper to see what the client is comfortable spending.

47:43 Chris demonstrate the symmetry of logic. Where else in society is a client allowed to go into an establishment and change the price?

Don’t explain. Never justify. Role-play.

59:30 What’s included in the Business Bootcamp?

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