How to Make a Mirrored Video Effect in Premiere Pro | Adobe Creative Cloud

Create an optical illusion with special effects and animated titles.

Start from scratch, or copy the library containing the sample assets
[] for a head start. Steps below.

Start your project:

1. Open Premiere Pro on your computer.
2. Open the Libraries panel.
3. Click Discover – Mirrored Video Effect.
4. Right-click the sample video to add it to the project.
5. Then drag it to the Timeline.

Apply Mirror Effect:

1. In the Effects panel search for ‘mirror’.
2. Drag the effect to the video clip.
3. In the Effect Controls panel adjust the Reflection Center and Reflection Angle settings.

*Tip: We set the Reflection Center to 2048 and 540; and the Reflection Angle to -90.

Fade the video clip:

1. Right-click the end of the video clip to apply the default transition.
2. Adjust the length of the video clip if necessary.

Add a title:

1. In the Essential Graphics, explore Adobe Stock for a title animation.
2. Drag it to the timeline.

*Tip: We used Bold Minimal for this tutorial.

Customize your title:

1. Double-click the part of the property you want to change in the Essential Graphics panel.
2. Change the text.
3. Adjust font size, color, shadows, and other settings for your desired look.

*Tip: The settings you can change will vary depending on the title you choose. We used Avenir Next Condensed Demi Bold for the title and Avenir Next Medium for the subtitle.

Adjust the anchor points:

1. Use the Align and Transform settings to position the title and subtitle.
2. Select the title and adjust the Y anchor.
3. To vertically align the subtitle, set its Y anchor point to 0.

*Tip: This step is only necessary if you want to change the position of the subtitle. We set the title’s Y anchor to -49.2.

That’s it!

Check out the full lesson and more on Discover:



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