Getting Started In Graphic Design

What if? We all suffer from doubt when starting out in graphic design. Should I embrace who I am? This is the question one creative and design entrepreneur kept asking himself.

Top Tier Design Consultant Chris Do shares his design & business knowledge with Ted Bettridge – A young designer from the UK with a BIG SECRET! Ted has been successfully freelancing as a graphic designer for the past 3 years but has one giant secret that he wasn’t ready to share with the world. He didn’t want to talk or meet with clients. Why? It’s not because he’s shy.

That’s when he reached out to Skool for an answer. Should he just let his design do the talking?

Ted Bettridge’s portfolio on Behance.

01:10 Find your purpose early in life. Ted has an 8 year head start.
01:30 Fear and self doubt.
01:50 Embrace who you are and own it! Fans and clients will rally behind who you are.
02:15 Overcome challenges by being really professional (adopt best practices, be responsive, have client testimonials)
02:59 Have a check list. Be prepared for your clients by formalizing your design process. Focus on their business challenges, be present, listen and address their concerns.


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