Gain Clarity w/ Clients Using Objective Criteria—Dr. Samuel Holtzman Pt. 1

How have you been able to gain clarity while working with clients? How do you avoid being stuck in the creative process when the parameters seem so rigid? Or do you suffer the opposite and have too many ideas? Before starting on any creative project, make sure that you have a criteria based goal or run the risk of totally missing the mark and moving beyond the initial intent. This is the number one most frustrating thing for creatives—presenting something you really love only to find out you totally missed the mark. Learn how to gain greater clarity through clearly defined criteria with clients.

New Mastermind series w/ Art Center Faculty Advisor Dr. Samuel Holtzman consults the Blind team on how to have better discussions with clients through a clear set of criteria.

3:50 Start with “I” Statements

Sam Holtzman, Ph.D. | Director of Faculty Development


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