Fusion 360 complete beginner tutorial – step by step

In this free Fusion 360 video tutorial series you will learn everything about the software from scratch.

Download the lesson files used in this video series here https://outreach.thesourcecad.com/fusion-360-beginner

Get the free practice drawing eBook here https://www.thesourcecad.com/autocad-practice-drawings-with-pdf-ebook/

Enroll in Fusion 360 courses here https://www.thesourcecad.com/fusion-360-courses/

The following are the topics of this tutorial series:
00:00 Introduction
1:17 User interface
3:08 Navigation tools and visual styles
11:35 Timeline and browser
13:25 Selecting objects
15:42 Data panel
18:41 Setting units
21:08 Making basic sketches
31:33 Applying constraints
39:55 Circle, rectangle, arc, spline and polygon
46:10 Mirror, trim, extend, offset and fillet
49:42 Starting with 3D modeling using extrude
57:37 Revolve feature
59:52 Sweep and combine feature
01:06:07 Loft feature
01:09:41 3D fillet and chamfer
01:17:32 Shell feature
01:20:39 Presspull feature
01:24:23 Construction geometries
01:27:48 Adding text and emboss
01:30:06 Creating patterns
01:35:47 Measurement and inspection


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