Floating Egyptian City

Honorable Mention
2019 Skyscraper Competition

Tao Qiyang, Wang Kun, Chen Ruihua, Sun Yunjuan

Floating Egyptian City
Floating Egyptian City

It is a grim reality in many parts of the world that the sand is pressing on. Desertification is a worldwide ecological and environmental problem. On average, there are about 50,000 ~ 70,000 square kilometers of land desertification every year in the world. This design is located in the desert of Egypt, and choose a typical pyramid group as an example, trying to explore the combination of modern technology, using skyscrapers to improve the desert environment and Egyptian culture(pyramids、temples、castles) combined with the architectural situation. The skyscraper is not only a building, but also a culture and a national symbol. The prototype is based on Cook’s idea of a “plug-in city”. On the basis of improving the ecological environment of the desert, the internal production, life and transportation should be organized. Form the appearance of the inverted pyramid. Floating above the desert, the structure is shaped to collect and produce water. At the same time, the interior of the building collects and manufactures water sources, stores and accumulates them into artificial lakes, and effectively interacts with the desert ground. The interior of the building becomes a hanging garden. The facade is in the solid form of pyramid.In the future, we hope that, thanks to the development of technology, the the vision of desert oasis will be realized and gradually improve the desert environment.

Floating Egyptian City
Floating Egyptian City Board 1
Floating Egyptian City
Floating Egyptian City Board 2

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