First Client Meeting Sales Call— Role Play w/ Melinda Livsey Ep7

How to talk to a potential client during the first sales call or new business inquiry. How can you improve your client on-boarding process? What do you do when a client calls and asks “How Much?”. How should you respond to new business inquiries?

Another in-depth conversation with designer and business owner Melinda Livsey exploring how to build client trust and rapport.

Melinda Livsey
Marks and Maker

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01:50 I’m getting more business inquiries, though I’m fumbling on the initial call.
05:15 Role Play: client first call / consultation
19:30 Critique Yourself: Seeing yourself in the third person and reading the situation of the room are valuable skills
23:10 Client call breakdown: positively influence the mood/tone of the call
27:00 Learn how to respond to objections, and detach from your expectations and the outcome
30:46 Role Play Reversal: first client call/consultation
33:25 Entrepreneurs often have the desire or need to do better in sales.
38:53 Roleplay Reversal breakdown (Chris):
– Took Control of Conversation
– Explained What’s included for what the client pays for
– Had confidence in his own abilities
– Upfront with any area he was lacking experience in
– Offered Alternatives
– Honest with what could be offered
39:40 I’m trying to win your trust, and help you achieve your goals.
40:20 Show interest and be specific about the project.
41:13 Embrace the client and the job
41:58 Say things with a smile, the tone of your voice will change
43:31 Be grateful: Don’t take opportunities for granted. Acknowledge that you care and share similar values.
44:22 Change your mentality & perspective. Apply what you learn.
46:14 Why did you not focus on the scope of work in the client call?
47:40 How do I tie in defining the scope of work, proposal and branding questionnaire all together?
49:00 If you are able to help a client solve a problem through talking, you should charge for it.
50:07 The first call is about:
– Building Rapport
– Earning Trust
– Communicating the Budget
– Demonstrating enthusiasm and passion
50:50 Bell Curve: Lower level clients have more objections, but higher level clients have harder questions.

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