Finding Your Brand and Package Design with Sara & Misc – 2 of 2

Tune in with Sara Laninga on Adobe Live as she works on branding and packaging design for a sustainable vegan soap line. Watch and learn as she defines the brand identity and works on packaging in part 1. Don’t miss part 2 as she creates mockups and additional collateral for the brand.

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Guest Sara Laninga is a graphic designer and illustrator:

Host Anna McNaught is a photographer, photoshop artist, and traveler:
Join us LIVE on Behance:
00:00 Start
01:45 Intro of Sara
03:00 Recap of Day 1
04:00 Changes between day1 and 2
07:20 Day 2 work begins
09:20 What kind of printer does Sara use at home?
13:10 What is Clear Cutting?
15:00 Using the patch tool
20:00 Using Clipping masks and textures
21:00 Lessons learned from printing designs
22:00 What was it like for Sara working at FUMAN?
24:10 Advice for designers new to the industry
32:45 Which cameras does Sara use?
34:00 Advice for designing die lines
36:20 Overcoming struggle during your creative journey
45:00 Working with different mockups
49:10 Things Sara wish she knew earlier
56:10 What is it like getting clients from tiktok
01:01:30 Communicating with clients
01:03:20 How does Sara plan personal projects
01:14:00 Experimenting with blending modes
01:18:10 Designing Business cards
01:30:00 Artist Spotlight
01:42:50 Shows and movies that inspire Anna and Sara
01:48:50 Sara’s process for making different box variations?
01:52:20 What was it like for Sara entering the industry?
01:54:30 Previewing the project


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