Live UI/UX Design with Alex Banaga – 2 of 3

Join UI/UX Designer Alex Banaga on Adobe Live as he designs and prototypes a web app in Adobe XD! This week, Alex will design the web experience for a social media website for music producers. Today, Alex designs and prototypes high fidelity screens for the profile and search experiences.

Alex is a UI/UX Designer based in San Francisco, California working for DoNotPay and Placemysigns. His past clients include Pinterest, Jelly, Spoke, Yelp, TrustToken & Digital Telepathy amongst others.


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►Check out the prototype:
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Review of yesterday’s work: 6:10
Work begins: 9:30
Repeat grid: 26:55
Auto population of images: 28:17
Should you learn code as UI/UX designer? 52:00
Copy/Paste Style: 1:11:45
Prototyping begins: 1:12:20
Overlays: 1:13:30
Making header sticky: 1:18:00
Publishing prototype: 1:22:40

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Music by Chillhop & Andrew Applepie


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