Elia Zenghelis: The Image as Emblem and Storyteller

The founding partner of the Office for Metropolitan Architecture discusses the role that image-making has played over the 50 years of his practice.

This series of conversations explores the ways that Postmodernity impacted on the architectural cultures of the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, from the nineteen seventies to the early nineteen nineties. This was a period during which substantial Postmodern buildings were realised in both countries, including work by Aldo Rossi and the Office for Metropolitan Architecture in the Netherlands and Stirling and the Venturis in the UK.

The series comprises conversations with architects who were part of this wave, all of whom contributed a particular perspective and voice. It will consider the topics that formed part of the Postmodern discourse, the range of positions that architects adopted in relation to those themes, and the means by which they sought to translate their observations of the past into an architecture fit for their own time.

The series is curated by the Dutch architect Job Floris, whose practice Monadnock is representative of a new interest in the era of Postmodernity among a younger generation of European architects. Involving practitioners from the Netherlands and the UK of different generations Tracing Postmodernities considers what Post-modern architecture meant in its heyday and could still mean today.

Tracing Postmodernities has been made possible through the support of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in London. Elia Zenghelis’s contribution to the series has been supported by Drawing Matter. Thanks to Richard Hall and Niall Hobhouse for facilitating the episode.

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