Discover The Hottest New Fonts of April 2024 and Score Big Discounts!

Check out the best new font releases for April 2024! Often new fonts are released with some nice discounts, so it can be the perfect time to pick them up when they’re fresh out of the font foundry. Some of these typefaces have up to 60% off, I’ll also share some of the latest variable font additions to the Adobe Fonts library, which you can activate for free as part of your Creative Cloud subscription.

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Font links:
► Red Oak (50% off) –
► Plush (60% off) –
► Magic Vintage (26% off) –
► Exalted (30% off) –
► Active Uno (Download from Envato Elements) –
► Moneis (Download from Envato Elements) –
► Alvida Fatface (50% off) –
► Beckenham Retro Serif –
► Neigh –
► Voyager Brush Font –
► Config Variable (Activate on Adobe Fonts) –
► NewsSerif Variable (Activate on Adobe Fonts) –
► Range Sans Variable (Activate on Adobe Fonts) –

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00:00 Introduction
00:22 Red Oak
00:43 Plush
01:03 Magic Vintage
01:24 Exalted
01:48 Active Uno
02:24 Moneis
02:44 Alvida Fatface
03:01 Beckenham
03:21 Neigh
03:37 Voyager
04:06 Variable Fonts
04:22 Config Variable
04:32 NewsSerif Variable
04:50 Range Sans Variable
05:08 Best New Fonts March 2024

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