Design Portfolio Reviews โ€“ What do Employers Seek? โ€“ Part 2

What makes for a good design portfolio? How should you set expectations for your portfolio? How should you show the brand?
Watch Matthew’s Portfolio Review ๐Ÿ‘‰

In this video, Matthew and Petrula break down more MUST haves in a portfolio. They talk about the do’s and don’ts in a portfolio and why you should set expectations and position yourself in a way you intend.

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Episode Breakdown
00:28 โ€“ Context is key
00:50 โ€“ Portfolio of branding designer, Joel Ho from Singapore
10:00 โ€“ Portfolio of package designer, Marie Damier from New York
14:08 โ€“ open with a WOW image
20:08 โ€“ Portfolio of graphic designer, Daniele De Martis from Italy
21:40 โ€“ Keep expectations aligned when you show the work
25:06 โ€“ Portfolio of freelance illustrator and designer, Roberto Orozco from Las Vegas
29:51 โ€“ Design your work to support your goals
30:52 โ€“ Portfolio of freelance branding and web designer, May Refky from Cairo Egypt
34:18 โ€“ Portfolio of junior graphic designer, Gillian Wong
40:18 โ€“ Portfolio of graphic design student, Francesco Battistella from Italy
43:35 โ€“ The importance of narrative sequences when you present your portfolio
44:45 โ€“ How you can show off your secondary skillsets
47:45 โ€“ The recap: Why is it important to specialize? What is positioning, and how do you stand out in the marketplace?

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