DigitalFUTURES Legends / Elizabeth Diller

Who are the real legends in architecture? How did they become legends? And what advice might they have to offer the students of today?

“There is something about living in your own city and transforming it… and feeling that you have touched it and changed it.. you are both a citizen and an author” – Elizabeth Diller

Session 06 : Elizabeth Diller 8/13/2022 10am EDT / 4pm CET / 10pm China

This series of interviews brings together some of the leading voices from the world of architecture and beyond.

00:00 Introduction
04:30 Early Life and Immigrating from Poland
08:58 Early years on Art High School
14:00 Artist as inspiration
23:26 Cooper Union and John Hejduk
29:22 New York and Designing Museums
35:30 Mile Long Opera and Performance
44:03 Performance, Spectacle and the City
49:38 Challenges and Overcoming them
55:20 The Shed
57:13 Inspirational Words to students
1:00:30 Credits


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