Today designing inspirational poster art, and might I add some DOPE inspirational poster art in this speed art video. I am really pleased with how this artwork turned out, and I had lots of fun making the poster art. Let me know which ofthe 3 final design outcomes you think are the best. So follow me in making poster art.

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What is up people, Tom back again with a speed art video. I have not made a speed art video where I design some poster artwork, but I had a random urge to do so and thoroughly enjoyed the whole process of making poster art.
Seeing as it is close to the end of 2016 and I hear so many people complaining about how bad the year was blablabla, I thought I would provide some positive vibes and design some inspirational poster art.

Making poster artwork is something I have done before and in fact on my website I have a few poster prints for sale if you want to check those out. The poster art inspiration for this though was purely for fun and also to bring some good vibes to whoever may see it.

The initial poster art was created in Photoshop, when I am making poster art or artwork I do use Photoshop for the layout, and do also use Illustrator for certain details, transferrin them back to Photoshop.

Making this inspirational poster artwork took me around 3 hours in total and the video editing took another 2 hours on top of that to complete. I don’t really see it as work though as I enjoyed making the poster art and hope that you guys enjoy watching the process. Designing poster artwork can be rewarding!

Next Tuesday due to requests on Instagram, I will be making a tutorial on the double exposure effect that I used in this poster art design, how the female model has a forest within her body in that cool looking way. So if you enjoyed this poster speed art video and watching me make inspirational poster art and would like to make your own, check back in next Tuesday to see how I did it. And of course comment like share and subscribe to help me out 🙂 I hope this video has given you inspiration for poster art?

So yeah let me know of your thoughts on this designing inspirational poster art video, and come back next Thursday for another speed art video.

Any ideas for future videos?? Comment in the comment section and I will look into it.

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