Designing a Brand with Kenzi Green – 1 of 2 | Adobe Creative Cloud

Join Kenzi Green on Adobe Live as she shares how to build a fun and bold syrup brand using Illustrator and Photoshop. In part 1 – she’ll set up the brand guidelines, create a moodboard, and begin on rough sketches. Stick around for part 2 where she’ll digitize her sketches, design logos, define the color palette and create mockups!

Guest Kenzi Green is a brand and web designer based in North Carolina:

Host Fabiola Lara is a Chilean-American illustrator, designer, and animator based in Philadelphia.

Join us LIVE on Behance:
00:00 Start
02:00 Intro of Kenzi
03:30 Project overview
06:00 Reviewing product competition
12:20 Visual communication with clients
15:00 transforming Kenzi’s traditional sketches to digital pieces
17:00 using the pen tool
22:50 Pro tips for creating custom letters
24:30 Helping your client understand their brand
28:45 Object path offset
32:50 How did Kenzi get her start in the industry?
34:45 Expanding strokes
39:00 Where does Kenzi find fonts?
43:30 How many logo variations does Kenzi create?
46:50 Narrowing down to one final logo design
52:15 Advice for choosing project colors
01:03:00 Difficult clients, communication and project changes
01:05:50 What is the value of a secondary logo
01:23:00 What inspired Kenzi to start using TikTok for her work
01:25:00 Great lessons Kenzi has learned
01:27:00 Setting boundaries with clients
01:29:00 Creating the secondary logo
01:35:30 Creating a brand pattern
01:36:50 Project management software
01:39:50 pattern alignment
01:400 Presenting concepts for clients
01:43:45 How does Kenzi balance the different aspects of her job?

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Designing a Brand with Kenzi Green – 1 of 2 | Adobe Creative Cloud


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