Adobe XD Masterclass – Episode 34

Join Adobe XD Evangelist Howard Pinsky as he walks you through tips & tricks to improve your designing and workflows.
00:00 start
5:35 Adding Text Navigation to Spiderman Splash Art
9:15 Adding App Icons with Groups and Stacks
15:35 Cutting Out Unwanted Parts of a Shape
19:30 Adding a Profile Picture
22:10 Creating a Play Button
24:35 Adding a Linear Gradient to the Bottom
25:45 Adding Text News Section
26:55 Auto Height Text Option
30:10 Creating Astro’s Playroom Artboard
35:40 Creating a Call to Action Button
36:35 Using Auto Animate to Transition Screens
42:35 Connecting the UI to Controller Buttons
46:25 Creating an Active User Page
50:30 Using Auto Animate to Connect Active User Page


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